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Swayamvara Silks Attingal

Swayamvara Silks Attingal - Swayamvara Silks in Attingal is a showroom for womens wear, designer wear and wedding wear.

Contact Information

Name: Swayamvara Silks Attingal
Phone: 0470-3255599, 0470-2622331
Landmark: Near Private Bus Stand
Address: Universal Towers, 2nd Floor, Attingal.
Website: www.swayamvarasilks.com


The following brands are available at Swayamvara Silks Attingal:
Mens Wear: Louis Philippe, V-Star Valero, Citrus Shirts and Trousers
Women's Wear: Toneform, V-Star Vanessa
Ethnic Wear: Ethos

More information about Swayamvara Silks Attingal

Branches: Swayamvara Silks
Category: Fashion & Accessories
Tags: Mens Wear, Womens Wear, Silk Sarees, Sarees, Ethnic Wear, Onam Shopping

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